Speakers at the Forum
Keynote speaker SA Police Commissioner Mal Hyde (2nd from left) with Malaysian delegates Sri Datuk Seri Lam Thye, Mr Raflly Nann and Datuk Fuad Talib

Speakers at the Forum included
•    Singapore - Mr Tan Kian Hoon, Chairman of the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore.
•    Malaysia - Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Vice Chairman of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation.
•    Taiwan-   Dr Tai Chun-cheng Bruce, Deputy Director Legal affairs Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Australia
•    Hong Kong SAR - Senior Superintendent Kenneth Reed
•    India - Major General Vikram Madan (Rtd)
•    Brunei - Senior Superintendent Roslin Bakar, Royal Brunei Police Force
•    Indonesia - Professor Adrianus Meliala, Head of the Department of Criminology, University of Indonesia.
•    Thailand - Justice Pongdej Wannichkittikul, Appeal Court Justice, Office of the President of the Supreme Court.
•    New Zealand - Mr Tony Lake.
•    Macau- Mr Jim Lisle
Other Keynote speakers at the Forum included
•    Admiral Chris Barrie - President ACPC
•    South Australian Police Commissioner Mal Hyde
•    Professor Peter Grabosky
•    Mr Stewart Cross- Deputy Director Crimtrac
•    Associate Professor Peter Homel, Australian Institute of Criminology
•    Mr Garner Clancey- Sydney Institute of Criminology and NSW ACPC representative
•    Mr Leigh Garrett- OARS SA and South Australia ACPC representative

Keynote Address by Admiral Barrie

Admiral Barrie
In Admiral Barrie’s keynote address, he said that a civil society must work hard to try and solve the ongoing gaps between the fortunate and the unfortunate in the future societal mix, and that deprivation and the disparities within society created a situation which fostered criminal activity in the young, particularly dispossessed people, potentially to their leading lives of crime. He also said that a focus of crime prevention was to reduce the certainty that any offender would re-offend once released from a correctional institution into mainstream society. He said that the internet had opened up a whole new spectrum of security issues and there was a very real possibility of criminal activity on the internet threatening the very underpinnings of our security. He also spoke of the security pressures generated by higher density living and the greater sense of disadvantage that would motivate many of the underprivileged from turning to crime.
He concluded that in crime prevention there was a distinctive network, into risk thinking, and the need to head off problems before they occurred, because the consequence was known if this was not done.
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