August 2009 - Meeting with the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore


Judge Andrew Wilson with Representatives from the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore

On 19 August 2009, Judge Andrew Wilson AM, former National President of ACPC attended a meeting with the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore.
Judge Wilson wrote:
I was pleased to represent the Australian Crime Prevention Council during a recent visit to Singapore, where I met the Chairman and office-bearers of the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore. The purpose of the Meeting was to discuss crime prevention in the Asia Pacific Region.
The Chairman Mr. Tan Kian Hoon and the Vice-Chairman Mr.Eric Low hosted a Banquet arranged in my honour and attended by members of Singapore's Executive Committee and their Executive Director Mr.Chua Chuan Seng. It was immediately apparent to me that the National Crime Prevention Council of Singapore not only is an active organisation but also performs a leadership role in the Region. My hosts were interested to hear of recent initiatives taken by ACPC in the Region and of our plans for the future. I feel confident that any future Regional Forum to be attended by crime prevention "practitioners" in the Region will be supported and attended by our colleagues from Singapore.
The spirit of goodwill that was made apparent and the level of co-operation that was shown were such as to provide me with a feeling of confidence that our two organisations can work together in the future in a spirit of partnership. There is undoubtedly scope for maintaining a network of crime prevention operatives in the Asia Pacific Region and for the sharing of good practices.

October 2009 - Chairman's visit to the European Crime Prevention Network

In October 2009 ACPC Chairman Peter Norman visited Mr Jukka - Pekka Takala, a representative of Finland, and Mr Juan Carlos Garrido Iglesias, now Chair of the Board, and Mr Eduardo Juez, representative of Spain, of the European Crime Prevention Network.
They briefed him on the activities of the Network and their work in crime prevention in their respective countries.
Full details of the Network can be obtained from their website.


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