Meeting with SA Opposition Leader and Shadow Attorney

In September 2013 Chairman Peter Norman, Secretary Astrid Macleod, Professor Peter Homel and Dr Garner Clancey met Mr Steven Marshall, Leader of the Opposition in SA and Hon Stephen Wade, Shadow Attorney General, to brief them on crime prevention programs and initiatives being undertaken in Australia and elsewhere.

Meeting in Prague

Later  that  month ACPC Peter and Astrid attended a meeting in Prague, Czech Republic with Dr Petr Zeman, the  Research Director of the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention. Executive member Prof Michael Benes  had  assisted to arrange the meeting. Criminal justice issues in Europe were discussed, including the provision of safety information for foreign tourists for later publication on the website, and other issues relating to crime prevention in the Czech Republic and Europe. Dr Zeman subsequently made contact with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, and the Czech Tourism Agency, in this regard, and invited provision by ACPC of a basic (common) structure of this information so he could then find and send relevant data.

Michael Benes visited the Czech Republic in relation to the planning of the ESCAC to be held in Prague between 10 -13 September 2014.

Membership Changes

During the year Peter Sirr retired as Director of Outcare WA and from the National Executive. He was replaced on the Executive by Ms Amanda Wheeler,  the new Director of Outcare.


Change to Executive

In August, Gordana Blazevic from Queensland resigned from the National Executive.

New website administrator

Stephen Williams indicated that he wished to retire from the position as Web Administrator which he had undertaken for some years. ACPC subsequently advertised for a volunteer for the position through the Volunteers SA website, and engaged Helen Lyons as a new web administrator for the site, with Lesley Rutherford to assist her.

2014 Newsletter

In May the 2014 newsletter was published,  with reports from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Vietnam and PNG, with Australian contributions from Ray Carroll, Peter Homel, Garner Clancey, Tony Lake, Andrew Wilson, Ingrid Stonehill (Neighbourhood Watch) Ray Andersson, and Amanda Wheeler.

Intern articles

Sarah Ford, who had studied crime prevention in Sydney under supervision of Garner Clancey, offered to assist ACPC in an internship position. She subsequently provided for publication on the website and distribution elsewhere, two well researched and informative papers. “The Benefits of Crime Prevention” and “Some Crime Prevention Initiatives in the Australian states and territories” involving a snapshot view of crime prevention programs from across Australia.

Activities of members

In an Australian first, National Executive member Ray Carroll and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council established a partnership with Mission Australia and Suncorp Insurance to implement a U Turn styled program for young offenders to operate as a social enterprise in inner Melbourne.

Peter Homel attended meetings in Brazil and the USA and prepared a workshop for the UN Crime Congress in 2015. He also attended the 23rd UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna. At that meeting there was a significant resolution passed on crime prevention, recommended for adoption by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This was the first major Crime Commission resolution on crime prevention in six years so it was an important step in prioritising crime prevention on the international and national agenda.

In September-October, Peter Norman and Astrid Macleod attended crime prevention  meetings in the UK, Denmark and Singapore. These included a visit to SACRO (Scotland) a prisoner welfare and crime prevention organization based in Edinburgh, where they met Mr Paolo Mazzoncini, the Director, and Operations East of SACRO. In Copenhagen they attended a meeting at the offices of the Danish Crime Prevention Council with Anna Karina Nickelsen (Head of Secretariat), Charlotte Vincent (Sociologist and Special Consultant), and other members of the Council, and were  briefed on its activities and some of its projects.


Anna Karina Nickelsen

They later attended a meeting in Singapore, together with Judge Andrew Wilson, with Eric Low and Galen Tan who had both been  involved in the Singapore National Crime Prevention Council conference in 2011.

In November, Garner Clancey and the Sydney Institute of Criminology hosted a successful seminar on Alternative Education, Diversion and Young People. With over 130 registrants, this event showcased local programs aimed at keeping young people out of the criminal justice system. A training course was also organised by the Institute (and delivered by Dr John Howard) on Drugs, Crime, Young People and Brief Interventions. This session was part of a continuing education program being delivered by the Institute. A similar conference was held in Sydney in April. The AIC also hosted Community Safety conferences in Melbourne and Ipswich.

Isabelle Bartowiak-Theron wrote a paper in collaboration with Rick Sarre on bail issues.

Amanda Wheeler, the Director of Outcare WA, attended the Australasian Reintegration Conference in Singapore.

Leigh Garrett was involved with the structural re-organization of OARS Community Transitions in Adelaide.

Ray Andersson wrote a chapter on school security in Australia for the book “Handbook of School Safety and Security” published by Elsevier and edited by Lawrence Fennely and Marianne Perry in the US.  He was   appointed as Chairman of ASIS International Crime Prevention and Loss Prevention Council for 2015/2016 at the ASIS International Annual Exhibition and Seminar in Atlanta. He visited   London in November to receive the Freedom of the City of London as a member of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals.

Publication of ACPC Journals online

During the year, on request from Austlii, an online publisher of online legal information, copies of past editions of defunct ACPC publications covering the period between 1978 and 1983 were provided for scanning and posting online.

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