Change to Executive

Amanda Wheeler the retiring Director of Outcare WA, resigned from the Executive and her replacement at Outcare, Paul McMullan, was elected as WA representative on ACPC.

Members Activities

Garner Clancey and the Sydney Institute of Criminology hosted several events including Crime Prevention – 2015 Master Class, Criminology through Crime Film Course, Working with Domestic Violence Offenders Training Course, the  Paul Byrne SC Memorial Lecture was delivered by Justice Virginia Bell, and  Crime: Contemporary and Future Trends at the one-day seminar.

Leigh Garrett continued his work as director of OARS Community Transitions in Adelaide and assisted ACPC by finalizing the affairs of the SA Branch.

Isabelle Bartowiak-Theron continued in her work as Senior Lecturer - School of Social Sciences’ Senior Researcher - Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies, and Discipline Coordinator Police Studies in Hobart. Peter Norman and Astrid Macleod and    met her in Hobart in February to discuss future ACPC activity.

Peter Homel attended the 13th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal in Doha, Qatar which addressed the broad theme of preventing crime to build sustainable development. In his role as Principal Criminologist – Crime Prevention at the Australian Institute of Criminology, Peter was accompanied by the AIC’s then Director, Dr Adam Tomison. Peter delivered one of the four workshops being part of the official Congress program.
Michael Benes spent five weeks in Prague where he attended an annual social pathology conference and for the sixth time he presented the ‘Benes Award', received by students for the best post-graduate (Master or PhD) thesis in criminology/crime prevention during the previous academic year.  He had sponsored a select group of Master students at Prague’s Charles University since 2006.

Chairman and Secretary’s activities

In May, Peter Norman and Astrid Macleod met SA Police Minister Tony Piccollo at Parliament House and briefed him concerning a number of the initiatives and programs discussed with the Danish Crime Prevention Council and at an earlier meeting with a crime prevention officer from the Italian Ministry of Justice. They provided him with some of the written materials received.
In July, accompanied by John Murray, they were received at Government House SA and met the SA Governor, His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO and told him of the work of ACPC and provided him with a copy of the Newsletter.

During the year they also attended several meetings in Asia.
In Jakarta they met Mardjono Reksodiputro a distinguished lawyer and Professor of Law at the University of Indonesia who holds many important offices in Indonesia. He had been a friend of ACPC for many years and had assisted in arrangements for Indonesia’s representation at the 2007 and 2011 ACPC Forums.  Opportunities for co-operation between Indonesia and Australia including future conferences and information-sharing were discussed

Peter Norman and Astrid Macleod with
Mardjono Reksodiputro and his wife, Nastii

Later, in Colombo, they met Ms Jeeva Niriella, Head of the Department of Public and International Law of the University of Colombo, and her husband Mr Shantha Niriella a lawyer and Notary Public. Jeeva teaches and researches Criminal Justice, Criminology, Victimology, Penology and other subjects and she had established the Sri Lanka Institute of Criminology launched on 30 October. Jeeva agreed to become involved in ACPC’s Network and to contribute and   provide an article for the Newsletter.

In Kuala Lumpur Peter met several members of the Selangor State Liason Committee of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, including MCPF Vice Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Datuk Muhammad Fuad, Secretary for the Selangor SSL Committee and heard a presentation on crime prevention initiatives including education on this subject at schools and universities in Malaysia. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye spoke as to the importance and value of information sharing between jurisdictions in the region. After the meeting the group was hosted to lunch by Tan Sri Jeffrey Chia AO, the founder of Sunway Holdings and Chairman of the MCPF SSL Liason Committee.  Under his leadership, the Sunway Safe City Initiative had been launched. It had proven extremely effective in combating crime.

Membership of ICPC

Following telephone discussions with Ms Celine Monnier, ICPC Analyst and Project officer with ICPC in Montreal, Canada, about the role ACPC might play within that organization,
ACPC was notified that the Board has decided that its membership fee be waived for 2015 and 2016, after which the situation would be reconsidered.

2015 Newsletter

The 2015 Newsletter was completed and distributed It contained 12 reports from within Australia and overseas reports from Thailand, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, PNG, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Asst Professor Melissa Bull provided an article on her involvement in three key projects, Ray Andersson on Neighborhood Watch NT and Crime Stoppers NT, and Ray Carroll on Vehicle Theft and of the impact of changes in social or economic factors. The law firm Norman Waterhouse kindly donated the services of its productions officer, Cara Carusi, to design and format the content of the Newsletter. Ms Helen Lyons continued as web administrator.

Submission to Senate regarding AIC

In November ACPC provided a formal submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee of the Senate in relation to the Australian Crime Commission Amendment (Criminology Research) Bill, urging that the legislation should mandate the continued research and related services presently undertaken by the AIC. During the hearing Senator McKim of Tasmania noted ACPC’s submission.

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